You are setting a new standard for the Millenium Superwoman! Two jobs, you have finished your doctorate in Pharmacy, and now you are pursuing your law degree. You clearly are busy, but I also get the impression that your life is full and that you are happy with it. That is, you do not mention any specific career, relationship, or family-related stresses.

Chase dreams are common, especially among women. In this light your dreams may be reflecting a simple fear that you hold of being attacked - which unfortunately is a fairly realistic fear that women have to manage. On a deeper level, and because you feel your dreams may be related to your stressful lifestyle, you may wish to look at your current situation and see if you can’t identify any broader aspects that are bothering you, driving you, or that you feel “won’t let you go.” You are an “over-achiever” by some people’s standards, and people who fit this description often find significant psychological reasons why they are compelled to succeed. For example, a common drive for success might involve a life-long attempt to win recognition or praise from a parent who was absent or withholding of praise during childhood. In the context of your dream, you may feel angry at this drive within you - that seems to always drive you forward and never allows you to rest. The drive then becomes represented as a hostile force that is attacking you.

As I mentioned earlier though, you do not sound overly upset with your current lifestyle. If you feel generally content with your drives and goals, I would suggest that you consider the more general “fear of attack” explanation for your dreams, which, as I said, is an unfortunately realistic concern. Are you regularly exposed to any dangerous situations where you fear you could be attacked? For example, having to work or park your car in a dangerous part of the city or ride the subway late at night? If so, these “daily” experiences may be triggering your “nightly” dreams of fear. If your fear of attack is high, I suggest that you take concrete actions in your life to reduce your exposure to such risks. For example, you may want to quit the job in the bad part of town, or car-pool with a friend to your law school classes. I think you have enough to worry about without being troubled by concerns for your safety. Finally, I think the fact that you prevail against your attackers in your dreams is significant; it indicates a strong level of confidence in your abilities and resourcefulness. But judging from your resume, we really wouldn’t expect otherwise! Keep up the good work!

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