fighting back

I have recurring nightmares where people are chasing me and trying to hurt or kill me. The most recent recurring dream is a male chasing me. At the time I’m with other people and sometimes we get split up while running away or I’ve still got one person running with me, but he’s coming for me and I am the one that actually fights him. My weapon is always a knife of some sort, not short but long - letter opener length - and I stab him 3 to 4 times and then start running or hiding again. He keeps coming.... and it’s up to ME to protect myself and the others. This and other dreams of mine where I’m being chased, are in bizarre places and I’m usually running through mazes in houses and sneaking in and escaping out secret or trap doors, etc.

They’re so vividly real and disturbing and I can’t shake that uncomfortable feeling I wake up with and it haunts me throughout the day. My hubby told me not to take the dreams literally, that everything is symbolic of something, but I would love to know the meaning of these dreams.

Running and Scared

--Tracy, Age 30, Gaithersburg, MD, USA

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