lion eats my cat!

Hi Claire —

Dreams of small animals being eaten or killed by larger, more aggressive ones typically reflect fears for the survival of our own children. Cats in dreams hold strong associations to babies, because we cradle them in our arms (like newborns) and because we often identify them as “our children.” We are responsible for their care, for feeding them, and for nurturing their development.

Because of the cultural differences that exist between you and your new partner, you have begun to question the long term viability of the relationship. Specifically, you wonder if your continuing involvement with him is occurring at the expense of a more likely partner? Your dream reflects fears that you may be wasting your time, and threatening the likelihood of your future children.

The inclusion of a housemate in your dream, when you do not possess one in real life, is significant. Because houses in dreams represent the self, this “roommate” suggests an aspect of yourself that may be trying to avoid or downplay the significance of your feelings and fears. In the dream your housemate does not appear to care that your kittens, or dog, have been attacked.

At a time when childbearing clearly is on your mind, your dreams are clear signs to recognize the validity of your desire for children (represented by the injured kittens and puppy), and take action accordingly. Your future, and your children’s, awaits you!

Dear Dream Doctor—

Your interpretation makes sense in the context of my relationship. I think the fact that I had news about my sister’s pregnancy a few days before the dream had me thinking about children in our relationship.

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