lion eats my cat!

I had a dream in which a lion ate my small kitten. I felt very helpless and couldn’t do anything. Suddenly my housemate (I don’t know this person) had taken the lion in as her own pet. She had no concern that it had eaten my kitten. The lion then continued to eat her grown up cat, and made a big hole in her flesh, but she didn’t seem bothered. I had to hide myself and my little nephew, afraid of what the lion would do to us.

Last night I had a similar dream where my very small puppy was eaten by a bigger dog and nobody around me seemed bothered.

I recently moved to Switzerland (from South Africa) for work purposes. I met a very nice man 3 months ago and the relationship works well at this stage, but it has become quite serious. (He completely avoids the topic of marriage, but he does talk about having children).

I would really like to have children, but I am not sure if our relationship will endure because of the big cultural difference. Although he really is a caring and wonderful man, and I do have feelings for him, I sometimes regret that I have gotten into the relationship because I fear that I am wasting my time.

 —Claire, Age 28, Switzerland

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