my ex baby

Hi Rayna -

It’s a good thing you added that last detail about your current boyfriend being a vegetarian, or none of us over here at dreamdoctor would have known what to think. For a moment we thought you were roasting your baby on the grill - when it turns out it was really your ex getting cooked!

I think it’s significant that you began taking the Pill about a year ago, which apparently is about the same time that you quit seeing your ex-boyfriend. Did you use to worry about getting pregnant with your ex-boyfriend - especially since you weren’t on the pill? If so, your dream would appear to be a common anxiety dream among women - worrying about becoming pregnant - with the unfortunate memory attached of your ex being a likely father.

It seems from your dream report that you and your ex still are not on good terms - you say that you have not been able to stand the sight of him for over a year now. And I think the end of your dream reflects these feelings pretty clearly. In the dream your baby turns into a T-Bone - representing your ex - and no one is particularly upset that he is cooked and eaten. As your aunt says - it’s for the best. I think you’re pretty well done - pun intended - with this guy. But thank god it was just a dream, eh? :-)

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