see my baby

Hi Cassie—

Your dream reflects your desire to “see” your child, and your curiosity about its development. The fact that the dream recurs simply indicates that your child is on your mind. (Naturally…) The smallness of the child, which appears to have caused you concern, is a reflection of your awareness that your baby still has several months to grow, before being delivered. Dreams commonly use small sizes to represent events that are distant into the future—that still are in their embryonic stage.

Your dream is not a sign that your child will be born prematurely, or that it is undernourished in any way. To the contrary, it is only afterward, when you are awake, that the smallness of the child concerns you and makes you feel “creepy.” (During the dream you feel only love and sweetness for your child.) The veins also are a simple reflection of your awareness—at a conscious and subconscious level—of the growth occurring inside you. Dreams often represent physical events graphically, and conceiving a child, as you are acutely aware, is a spiritual and physical event.

“Seeing” a baby through suddenly transparent skin is a common experience among pregnant mothers. What’s the meaning? You are “looking in” on a process that naturally is on your mind—and in your belly—even while you sleep!

Congratulations on your successful conception and pregnancy!

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