disappearing baby!

In the dream, I and another woman had just had babies, but they somehow disappeared (no grieving, we just both seemed to be OK with it). But later, I was home in my bedroom and kept seeing "things" moving in the mattress. One turned out to be a newborn, which disappeared when I grabbed it. Several other times, I'd "pounce" on the moving bump in the mattress and it would be a pacifier. If I grabbed it and quickly held it to my chest, it would materialize and stay; but if I didn't move quickly enough, it would just evaporate, too. This seemed to go on forever.

My son Boz (my "baby"), 15, went hunting with an uncle for the first time this weekend, and I missed our usual time together. Somehow, I think this dream may also tie in to my objective of finding my oldest two sons, in their 30s, who were adopted at birth and raised by others. Perhaps it's also referring to my pursuit of the Ever Elusive Sleep? I have a sleep disorder and never seem to get any rest!

—Marjorie, Age 53, Divorced, San Francisco, CA, USA

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