neglected pet!

I have a recurring dream about neglecting either pets or my own baby. (I don't have a baby in real life). Usually the baby or pet seems to be okay although I know that I haven't fed it or kept it warm, etc. Sometimes I lose the baby/animal.

Last night I dreamt that I tried to breastfeed the baby after feeling guilty that I hadn't fed it for a while. I found the process disturbing, so I was glad when there was no milk and that I could use that as an excuse not to breastfeed. The baby, however, was really clinging to my nipple. My mother and grandmother were trying to help.

The previous dream was of my ex-boss' dogs. I dreamt that I was supposed to take care of them, and while I was taking good care of the one, I kept forgetting the other one.

Often the dreams are associated with travel. I will be traveling on a bus, plane or train with the baby, but not always though.

—Charmaine, Age 27, Engaged, Allschwil, Switzerland

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