neglected pet!

Hi Charmaine—

Pets in dreams usually are associated with thoughts and desires for children in our lives. The fact that your dreams frequently alternate babies with animals lets us know that babies, indeed, are the true concern represented by this recurring dream. In a recent dream, however, you are unprepared to breastfeed your child, and also are relieved to discover that you cannot produce any milk. What is the meaning of this curious dream metaphor? While you may be looking forward to having children in the future, you don't feel ready, currently, to start your family.

Babies in dreams also represent new projects and goals in our lives that we are in the process of nurturing and "giving birth" to. And they reflect aspects of our developing personalities—our "inner child"—that are beginning to grow and emerge. Because you continually feel that you have neglected your baby, your dreams suggest that you are spending too much time away from your personal goals. The dream where you take good care of one of your boss's pets, but consistently neglect the other, is especially significant. The dream is letting you know that you are taking good care of your responsibilities at work (your boss's "baby") at the expense of your own development.

Is starting a family on your mind? Have you begun to feel your "biological clock" ticking? Or do you feel that your dream's meaning is more symbolic, and relates to other goals in your life? The frequent inclusion of the theme of traveling is significant. It suggests that you have a destination—related to your career—that you want to reach.

Dear Dream Doctor—

Thank you for your interpretation. It was spot on.

Although we are wanting to start a family in about 3 years from now, I believe that the dream relates to something larger: My frustration in wanting to study Chinese Medicine. I have been accepted into a nearby school but at the moment I am not sure if I can handle the pressure (it's presented in German) and also if we can afford it. I guess I know where I want to be, but I am afraid that I cannot reach that goal. I am frustrated that I am neglecting or maybe giving up on my dreams.

Now, I don't imagine that dreams give you any clues as to what to do?

Hi Charmaine—

Dreams help us make decisions by revealing goals that are valuable to us. While you may not be able to pursue your goal of studying Chinese medicine immediately, your dream is encouraging you nevertheless to recognize its value, to not give up on it, and to hold the space open to achieving it in the future.

Knowing what our values are and continuing to move steadily in direction of their fulfillment is the difference between those who eventually accomplish their dreams versus those who let them go—like sand through their fingers. Dreams are hard won in the physical world, but their taste—when made real—is sweet.

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