my body

My dream is kind of icky. I had my navel pierced a year ago January, and ended up taking it out after about 2 weeks because it wasn’t healing right (ie, in the right place...there was no sign of infection). I was sad about taking it out ’cuz I really liked it. I had a dream recently that I looked down, and I’d put a big bandaid over it like last February, and it had been there ever since...the same bandaid, for over a year. So I went to take it off, and was scared that it would be really difficult to remove (painful) ’cuz it had been on there so long, but it was very very easy. When I looked down at it, the ring was almost grown out, and my whole navel was this big infected area, draining yellow-green gunk. I pulled the ring out most of the way (not thru the original hole, thru the skin over it) and that was basically the end...but what does it mean? I’ve thought about getting it re-done, but haven’t seriously considered it in ages.

--Gina, Age 22, Peoria, IL, USA

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