I’ve had a recurring dream for several months now. It’s disturbing to me and I can’t figure it out. I keep having dreams that my husband has decided he no longer wants to be with me and decides to leave me. I feel rejected, very sad and afraid in the dream. I wake up relieved to find my husband is still next to me in bed and it was “only a dream.”

Occasionally the dream is about an old boyfriend dumping me. I experience the same feelings of rejection, sadness and fear as I do in the dreams of my husband. In reality these were boyfriends I broke up with years ago and never think about anymore.

What’s puzzling to me is that in my real life I’m very happily married (still a newlywed) to a very loving man who has made it clear he loves me and will always be with me, and I feel secure in my relationship with him.

What are these dreams telling me? I’m very puzzled.

- Andrea, Alexandria, VA, USA

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