anima rising

Hi Peggy -

This woman, as you say, certainly is bold. Her consorts are a tiger-striped cat and a leopard, both of which are symbols of agility and power. The animals also represent unconscious strength and awareness, as they are primitive and wild creatures. Furthermore, the cat is a feminine symbol, while the leopard is masculine, which suggests a balance of masculine and feminine unconscious energies. This woman must have cut an impressive figure!

Equally impressive, however, is your own boldness in the dream. You answer her challenge - when she refuses to move - with kindness, humor, and strength. You cup your hands to her face, tell her “you are going to be one of my difficult friends,” and then she moves. Challenge answered. In this part of the dream you seem to be showing her that you both are strong women. Then you invite her into your house - which again shows a lack of fear - despite a reasonable trepidation about the leopard in tow.

The key to understanding this dream lays in the bold stranger’s curious name, which, it is significant to note, you remember distinctly. Who is this woman, Ms. Ephron Bunn? The dream gives you several clues. She is related to you on your mother’s side, she is your neighbor, and even your husband agrees that he also knows her - knows her name. Did you guess it? She’s yourself - your feminine anima rising.

An “anima rising” interpretation of this dream strongly suggests ascending female power - wisdom and unconscious knowledge - which is a favorable harbinger of strong and creative times in your immediate future. I am curious, however, if you may be facing some adversity or challenge in your own life right now that is the precipitating cause for this dream. The dream suggests that you may be; this is your “difficult friend.” But the dream also clearly indicates a substantial reward to be gained byanswering the current challenge. I believe a rich spiritual and psychological experience lays ahead of you, though it may not be an easy path. Also, we wouldn’t want to miss the fact that this woman appears as you and your husband are tilling your garden in rich soil. The symbols abound! I believe you will have a rich harvest!

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