anima rising

I was working with my husband around the perimeter of my property preparing some form of flower bed. He was overturning the earth and the soil was rich. A woman approached, said she was a neighbor and introduced herself as Ephron Bunn. I was suprised because Bunn is my grandmother’s maiden name. She had 3 children and stated she came from California. (I live in NY) She then sat on the split rail fence with another friend facing me. Her demeanor was that of boldness. My husband said he knew her, he knew of her name. She was petite, long dark hair wearing jeans and boots. I asked her if she was going to move since she was in my way, and she said “no.” I walked over to her, cupped my hands to her face and said “you are going to be one of my difficult friends.” She smiled, got off the fence and walked to my back yard with me. Beneath her was a very large tiger-striped cat and circling her was a leopard. I was frightened and she said “don’t be scared, he won’t hurt you ..he is my pet. Close the gate so he does not leave.” I closed the gate and petted the leopard, I invited her into my home and then the dream ended.

-Peggy, Age 43, Medford, NY, USA

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