natural disaster

Hi Joan—

If it’s not one deadline, it’s another! Is that how you feel sometimes, as founder and president of a large company?

If you ever feel like your job responsibilities are “spilling over” or are “too much to carry,” then I think we can understand the recurring symbol of overflowing suitcases in your dreams. With 80 employees to keep track of, and an even larger population of disabled folks to care for, your hands are full! Is it any wonder you occasionally feel overloaded -- as you race to meet the next appointment on your busy calendar?

In your second recurring dream, a natural disaster (a flood) looms, and you rush frantically to prepare. This metaphor again concerns deadlines and preparations. Are you properly equipped for the challenges you see growing in the distance? Water in dreams, also, is a consistent symbol for emotions. Can you feel your emotions (and your stress levels) rise, as you tackle the next business challenge?

The good news about your dreams is that, when disaster hits, you are not directly affected. This lets us know that, when times get tough (when you are flooded with a business or emotional emergency) you consistently are able to “rise above” the troubled waters. Congratulations on your successful, and meaningful, career!

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