riding a wave

Hi Barbara—

Your dream shows that your friend’s recent move, and the approaching anniversary of St. Patrick’s Day, have caused you to think of re-establishing contact with her. The reason you are located on the beach in your dream is because it reminds you of where you spent your summers together, as teens, with other friends. Because you are happy and carefree, it is clear that the thought of contacting your old friend has caused you to experience a positive “wave of emotion.”

In your background you inform us that you have been experiencing a difficult time recently, due to the break-up of a friendship. Like many people, you also have read the “opposite” theory of dream interpretation, which states that, essentially, everything in a dream also possess an opposite, or “polar” meaning. Now you are curious: If you were experiencing laughter in your dream, is it possible that your dream really reflects feelings of sadness—caused by your recent difficulties?

A great wisdom of dream interpretation is that feelings never are disguised in dreams. To this end, I suggest that the laughter and happiness you feel in the dream (including the clear skies, turquoise water, and brilliant sun), all suggest feelings of emotional clarity and celebration—rather than sadness or despair. On the contrary, your dream is a happy anticipation of making contact with an old friend—at a time when good friends (given your recent experience) may be especially welcome.

What’s the meaning of this dream? It’s time to pick up the phone, and reconnect with your life-long friend. You may even want to take your dream’s advice, and plan on having lunch together. (A picnic on the beach?) An old friend may provide just the “lift” you need right now!

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