erupting volcano

Hi Anonymous—

Volcanoes in dreams are associated with explosive situations in our lives—that we worry will “blow up” and send us running for cover! In your dream, you are up high in an office building, which is a position of perspective, and you are concerned about “the fallout” from the approaching lava.

Because you are standing on the 36th floor in your dream, we know that concerns about work are indicated. Can you identify the “approaching storm” at work—that you worry may cause you to lose your job (lose your life)? As this lava flow approaches, you close your eyes and accept your fate. The dream represents a transition in your career that you are resigned to making.

Dear Dream Doctor—

Just before I had this dream, I was concerned about a mistake I made at work—almost a year ago. I recently learned that the management of my company was investigating another event that occurred the same year, that is not connected with the mistake that I made. I was so scared, because I never told them about the mistake I made, and if they found out, then they might wonder why I didn’t call it to their attention.

It’s all over now. I didn’t hear anything about it afterwards. But I can’t help but think and think and think...How did I make such a mistake? It was really bothering me, and then I ended up dreaming of so many weird things. I know they are not checking on it anymore, but I am still bothered about why I committed such a mistake.

I want to know. Is this dream a warning, or is it just because my mind has been preoccupied by my worries? I have been reading a dream dictionary, and it’s not helping me anymore.

Hi Anonymous—

Because your office was looking into the events of the last year, it is natural that you were worried about your mistake being discovered. Like most dreams, however, yours was not revealing the future, but rather reflecting the present. (You were worried about an explosive, career-threatening discovery at work!) Because the mistake was not found, and because your boss is no longer looking, your worries—and your dreams—both should subside like a cooling lava flow!

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