waiting for a train

Hi Cheryl -

I think we may want to title your recent series of dreams “Station to Station.”

Whenever a series of reoccurring dreams begins, we are advised to think back to what was occurring in our lives when the dreams began that may have caused them. In your case, I think your recent move to a new home with your boyfriend is just the clue we need to solve your dream.

Dreams that include vehicles of transportation - trains, planes, automobiles and ships - frequently represent transition in our lives. And while the transition often is literal - we move from one location to another - just as frequently the transition may be symbolic. If we receive a promotion at work, for example, we may dream of flying on a plane to a new destination. On the other hand, if our career path suddenly appears uncertain, we may dream that our “boat” is trapped in high seas - and we are unsure if we will reach our destination.

Trains for you are strongly associated - from your high school days - with movement from one station to another. I think it is likely that your recent dreams are metaphoric representations of the fact that you have moved to a new “station” in life. You are half-way down the road to marriage and building a family - moving in with your boyfriend is a big step in that direction. Similarly, becoming a home owner is definitely a transition in status. You no longer are a renter, and most likely you have made a commitment to settle for a while in your new home.

Congratulations on your successful arrival!

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