intrigued by tornadoes

Last night I had another dream about tornadoes. I have had many of them in the past and this was no different than the others. What I mean is, I’ve dreamt about tornadoes before, but the setting or situation is always different.

In last night’s dream, I was the passenger in a car (I do not know who was driving), and we were driving towards them. I was not scared, but kind of intrigued by them. (I guess because I have dreamed of them before?)

To give you a little history, I have been in a tornado before as a child. I was very, very scared. My father put me and my brother into a bathtub and covered us with a mattress. All the while, he was out in the hallway watching what was going on outside. After the storm, our house was fine, but many homes around us were destroyed.

My husband and I have our own business and just this past week our best salesperson and designer quit. I know the two are related and if I could remember the other times I have dreamed about tornadoes, I’m sure I could associate them to a traumatic or disturbing experience. My question is this....In last night’s dream, why was I not afraid? (I was terrified in the others.)

--Sheri B., Age 29, Dallas, TX, USA

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