intrigued by tornadoes

Hi Sheri -

Tornado dreams are very common, especially among people who live in “tornado land,” like yourself. You, of course, have actually lived through one - so your experience is a bit more personal than most.

What I find interesting about your dream, as do you, is that in this particular dream you were not frightened of the tornadoes. As you said, you were “kind of intrigued by them.”

Given the background that you have provided, that you believe the dream is related to the fact that you and your husband’s designer and best salesperson quit recently, I think you can take some comfort from the dream. While the prospect of having to replace this person may cause you some anxiety (the tornados), on the whole I don’t think you are too worried about it. You are intrigued by the challenge, rather than intimidated by it. I think you and your husband have been down this road before (haven’t all small business owners?) and while this person’s departure will cause some rearrangement and change, I think you are confident about the future. You write that you were a passenger in the car. Was your husband driving? Do you think the car symbolizes the business you two operate together, as well as your relationship more generally? Cars in dreams tend to be highly symbolic of ourselves.

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