upcoming tornado

Hi Kristie -

We know from your address that you live in “twister country.” This means you have every reason to fear a tornado really looming on the horizon one day. But, like most tornado dreams, yours apear to carry a broader meaning as well.

Tornadoes in dreams consistently represent fears of separation from our families. I often wonder if this is because so many of us, in the USA, grew up watching “The Wizard of Oz” (where Dorothy is separated from her family by a tornado). Or if it, more likely, is due to the fact that, during a tornado, our immediate thoughts and concerns are to locate and assure the safety of our families - as soon as possible.

Tornadoes also are sudden storms. They are hard to predict, and the devastation that trails in their wake is severe. Accordingly, tornadoes also can symbolize “violent” and “unpredictable” events in our lives - and personalities that we know.

Given the background you have provided, we know that both these metaphors may be at work in your dreams. The discovery of your father’s affair, so to speak, set off a “tornado” in your house that eventually resulted in your parent’s divorce. At the same time, you lost your grandmother, with whom you were very close. Another emotional storm.

Next time you have this dream, ask yourself whether you are looking forward - through the window in your dream - into the future, or if you are looking back, into the past. If you are looking back, recognize that you still are feeling the after-effects of that “sudden storm” that swept through your life three years ago. If you are looking forward, ask yourself what new emotional storm it is that is looming on the horizon. If you can identify it in advance, you’ll be prepared for it.

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