storms, tidal waves and sea monsters!

Hi Jennifer—

If anything else could go wrong in your dream, it would be an alien invasion!

Storms in dreams represent turbulent periods in our emotional lives. Tidal waves, due to their association with water, symbolize feelings and emotions that we can see approaching from a distance, that we fear may swamp or overwhelm us. Because you are with your family in these dreams, we know that your current tumult (you are “lost” in the dream, and unprepared for the storms) revolves around your family life.

Being lost in a dream is an indicator that we feel uncertain of the “direction we need to head” in our waking lives. Losing our children and personal belongings is a familiar dream metaphor for being unprepared. Just when it looks like things can’t get any worse, you are invaded by massive sea monsters! Thousands of hammerhead sharks converge on the beach, and begin to attack. Sea monsters function in dreams the same way that land monsters do on dry ground. They represent fears that are not well identified in our lives.

There’s a storm brewing in your life, Jennifer, and it’s clear from your dreams that you feel confused what to do. Have you noticed yet that your husband never appears in your dreams -- to lend a helping hand, or to protect you from the storm? If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately (as every mother of four does), it’s time to re-enlist the support of your husband, to help share duties around the home, and to keep you from getting swamped! You’re a fitness instructor, so we know you’re in great shape -- but even Supermoms need a break now and then!

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