trying to escape a tidal wave

Hi Jason -

Water in dreams almost always symbolizes emotions. Storms in dreams typically symbolize conflicts we either currently are engaged in, or which are brewing on the horizon. In this case, your dreams symbolize rising emotions - maybe coming to an emotional head or crisis point (the tidal wave) as well as your own perception of your marriage moving from better times (sunny days) into difficulty (foul weather).

People with more experience than yourself in relationships are either feeling sorry for you right now or are having a quiet chuckle - or perhaps both. The reason I say this is because we can all sympathize with your feelings. Relationships are tough - and emotional storms - and tidal waves - do brew up from time to time. If your relationship with your young wife is strong you will survive the storms and help each other grow through them. If your relationship is weak, your “ship” may go under, and you two may need to set out on different courses.

Have you considered a trip to a marriage counselor? Go by yourself if you have to, so you can learn about common trends and problems in relationships. If your wife also wants to go - that’s a good sign for the future. I think you both will feel a lot better once you realize that your difficulties are common in young marriages - and once you also begin practicing better communication skills with each other. Together, you can turn these dreams back into sunny days!

Give it your best try!

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