trying to escape a tidal wave

For the past year, I have been having a recurring dream that I am on a beach, probably on vacation, and a storm is coming with a tidal wave. I am on the beach and trying to find somewhere to go to escape the tidal wave. The waves and wind keep getting stronger and stronger, and I cannot find anywhere to go. I see the tidal wave in the distance, and it keeps getting bigger the closer it gets. Before the tidal wave reaches land and crashes down on me, I wake up. During the entire dream, the weather changes from being sunny and nice to hurricane type conditions. The only significant event in my life that has been distressing is my marriage. I am not sure if it is going to work out because my wife and I cannot get along. We have been married a year. I have had similar dreams before I ever met my wife, but they have been more frequent since my marriage. It always has to do with a tidal wave and storm, but the setting and people in my dream always varies. It always starts out like a vacation. What does this mean?

---Jason, Age 26, Richardson, TX, USA

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