no meaning

Dear Any Meaning -

I think your dream is a good illustration of what many dreams are...a type of stream of consciousness representation of your thoughts that - because you are dreaming - become experienced as “real.” For example, you may have been reminded of your junior high school the previous day, and then at night your mind begins to associate all the various thoughts and feelings and memories you have in association with your junior high. For whatever reason - perhaps you are hungry? - you dream of being in line for food. Your old friends are there, the cafeteria is essentially the same except for the color scheme, and even the food is pretty unremarkable - instant mashed potatoes with peas and corn. Sounds like a school lunch to me!

As you said at the beginning of your dream account - you seem to have lots of dreams that are seemingly pointless. I would agree with you that there is no great symbology or inner meaning laying beneath this dream. Something reminded you of junior high one day, and so you dreamed about it that night. Actually, if you watch your own stream of waking thought, I think you will find that a lot of waking thought shares these same characteristics - sort of mundane strings of associative thought. And sometimes - that’s all our dreams are too!

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