serial killer

Hi Emily -

What a great dream.

I agree that your dreams of serial murder most likely reflect anger and frustration that you are feeling in your everyday life. The “interdimensional police,” on the other hand, I believe represent your own concerns about this continuing pattern in your life. I think you are becoming aware that maintaining a consistent level of anger and frustration (you write that your dreams are “frequent”) is unhealthy. Accordingly, the “police” have arrived to warn you of the dangers of not listening to your feelings. The message they are bringing you is that you can not just “write off” the frustration you are feeling on the inside - without suffering accordingly in the real world.

If we do not express our anger or frustration through appropriate channels - “Hey, I want to talk to you about something that’s bugging me...” - we either begin to dislike ourselves for not speaking up and asserting our feelings (and subsequently become depressed), or we begin fantasizing about how we would like to tell off, get back, or eliminate (murder) some of the people or problems from our lives.I find it curious that you understand the symbolic significance of murder in these dreams, but that you seem to believe the “interdimensional police” are real! Just as murder is a metaphoric expression of your desire to make the source of your frustrations “go away,” the “interdimensional police” represent your awareness - your super-awareness, if you will - of an imbalance in your conscious and subconscious feelings.

The waterfall and children in your dream suggest a release of emotion, and innocence or rebirth respectively. Perhaps this dream was catharctic for you, in the sense that it is showing you that you need to listen to your feelings. The fact that your dreams have paused for the time being suggests that this important message is beginning to sink in.

What is the solution? You most likely have been avoiding your feelings (“writing them off”) because subconsciously you are aware that acknowledging them will require you to make some changes in your personal or professional life. On the other hand, your dreams now seem to be asking you - even warning you - to take yourself, and your feelings, more seriously. The Dream Doctor’s advice? Listen to your dreams. If you are frustrated professionally, work to identify the problem, and then commit to taking small steps to improve or resolve the situation. If you are frustrated in a relationship, identify the problems and speak up and assert yourself. If you don’t take these steps to change your life, your dreams of frustration most likely will continue.

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