serial killer

This is pretty high up there on the weird scale. I often dream I am a serial killer and I have for years. The dreams are very vivid and ruthless, although in my daily life I am a quite peaceful person and never want to hurt anyone. Generally, I’ve written the dreams off to anger that I do not express about work or relationships or that type of thing.

The weird part is this. I had a very vivid (maybe lucid?) dream that I came home to my apartment (an amalgam of many homes I’ve had) one day and the “interdimensional police” were there to arrest me for committing crimes on another plane. I realized that they had come into my current world to take me away for crimes my subconscious had committed in these previous dreams. I managed to escape them and run and hide near a waterfall (also familiar, but not recognizable) where children were playing. The dream ended with me crouched down against the cold wet stone trying to figure out how they had linked my dream world to the me that lives on this planet.

I woke, very startled, very upset and asked my partner if I could be tried for crimes I committed in another dimension. He was very reassuring that I couldn’t as far as he knew. He made a joke about how they would probably have to extradite me like they do fugitives caught in another country.

But since the dream, I think about this very often. But I haven’t dreamed that I’ve killed anyone since. But I still have this nervousness that I may be being chased by the “interdimensional police.”

Any ideas what this could mean?

Signed - Running (?)

--Emily, Age 29, Framingham, MA, USA

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