sleep paralysis

Having read more of your web site, I realize that I must be experiencing Sleep Paralysis... However, I have to disagree that it’s easy to deal with... If one continues to dream, the situation lasts longer than 1-2 minutes and as you stated, it can be absolutely terrifying - especially with the whole intruder aspect.

As a woman, I have a justified and rational fear of home intrusion (we had a rash of home invasions in my town last summer) so the aspect of not being aware if I’m dreaming or not is quite frightning. If the situation was more unusual, it would be easier to deal with - as it is, I can’t dismiss the desire to call 911 until I’m sure what is real or not. Do you have any more specific advice on how to deal with the situation? Especially if one doesn’t have a bed partner to help them wake up?

--Anonymous, Age 28, Madison, WI, USA

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