new building

It is not very often that I remember my dreams, but this one stuck with me. In my dream, I was in charge of constructing a new building. There were many people, but no faces I could really make out. I was in charge of the bricks, the foundation and the walls. I remember that in the dream I was laying the bricks in a trench which had been dug, to build the foundation. Others would pour the cement down through the layers of bricks and holes to make it stronger.

At one point, I noticed the wall leaning, so I crawled way down underneath the wall to look up and see why. I realized some of the cement was not going all the way to the bottom. This was why the wall was swaying. When I decided to crawl back out, I felt the pressure of the wall on my chest to where I couldn't breathe, and I was afraid the whole building was about to fall down on me. Somehow I made it back out, and was standing there asking other people to pour in more cement, to make it stronger.

Then I noticed some other people, along with a rottweiler and a Dalmation dog, across the way beyond a fenced area. They were sitting on some benches (like at a football game), laughing, pointing and yelling things at me. When I approached them to ask what their problem was, they continued to laugh and point at me and the building. One of them (a male), said something to me which made me really angry. I picked up a large bone (like a dinosar leg bone), and I really wanted to hit this person with a lot of force, and hurt him for his remark and for laughing at me.

When I approached him, the two dogs attacked me, trying to bite my head off -- literally. Then the two dogs turned on each other, which gave me a chance to run away. As I was running for safety to the other side of the fence, the dogs tried to attack me again, but someone from the side where the building was shot the dogs before they could reach me. I fell to my knees crying.

My recent background is I just went through a long and costly divorce which took two years. I am a single mom, trying to keep ahead of the mounting bills and rent. I have been working part-time at the post office and have been trying to obtain a full-time position and change careers for stability and better pay. But I haven't had much luck. My ex is in arrears by thousands of dollars, which has put me in a financial bind for the past few months. And the lawyers seem to be taking advantage of the situation, bleeding me dry of any extra money that I receive. Somehow, I think this dream interprets my life right now.

—Cala, age 40, divorced, Monmouth, IL

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