in a church

Hi Helen—

If you possess special talents in this world, your dream appears to be calling upon you to use them. With one arm in the new world and one in the old, you are a conduit through which people can gain new knowledge and understanding.

The dream shows clearly that your gifts are spiritual. This is why you are located in an elevated position in a church, and it is why a religious man, who reminds you of a priest, guides people to your arms and fingers, to feel the new vibrations. The new world you experience is full of sunshine and light. The old world, by comparison, is dark and empty. The metaphor, unmistakably, is one of enlightenment.

The priest who guides people to your hand significantly only allows them to experience four levels of the vibrational transfer. If we are familiar with yoga teachings about the seven chakras of subtle energy that exist in the body, the priest’s caution is readily understood. According to the teachings of the “adepts,” we are only able to receive higher levels of subtle energy when we have progressed a significant distance on the path of growth and self-awareness. Premature openings of the Kundalini, “vital energy,” can permanently disrupt one’s natural evolution toward wisdom and enlightenment.

Your dream indicates that you have an important message to share with humanity, and that it is time to begin, or to resume, your work in the healing arts. Before we can begin to live in the new world, each of us needs to glimpse its possibility. And then we can work together to create it—right here on Earth.

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