Hi Max -

Who knows? Maybe you should stop by the old gambling hall on the way home from work tomorrow... Who knows?

Actually, to give you an interpretation that is different from your friends, your dream really may be showing you the value of your particular approach to life. You have said that you are not a gambler in a literal sense, which may be a reflection of a belief of yours that you do not believe in short cuts to wealth. In the dream you place a modest bet - as you said - for entertainment purposes only - and you win big. But you actually won big by not gambling very much - and the fact that you also left the table after winning indicates that you aren’t especially greedy. I mean, you could have stayed there and gambled for a while with all that money - but you left. You mention that you know people who have destroyed their lives because of gambling. It is a terrible error of perception to believe that wealth in life is determined only by the amount of money you command. There are so many other vital forms of wealth - personal, emotional, in romantic relationships, in the quality of work relationships, in the quality of family relationships. You sound like a stable, healthy and confident person; your approach certainly is winning for you. I’d stick with it.

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