My husband died suddenly 17 years ago when I was in my mid 30’s. In all my dreams I have had in the past I have always been able to talk with him but never touch him. In the last 3 dreams over the last year I have physically touched him.

My first dream, which was repeated: We are walking in deep woods. It is either early morning or late evening. We are walking towards a huge tree. It is so big the light shines around it and we are in the shadow. As we near the tree I realize if I hurry ahead and pass the tree I will be able to grab and hold JD’s hand. I put my plan into action and when he comes around the tree I do hold his hand.

The next time I dream I repeat the same steps, except this time when JD comes around the tree, he takes my hand and smiles.

In the last dream a few nights ago, I am with all my dear friends. My children are there and we get in a car. JD is sitting in the car. I get in beside him. He puts his arm around me, and we sit and talk to each other, our children, and all of our friends.

In my deepest times of trouble I have always been able to go to JD in my dreams and talk the problems out with him. The results of our talks have almost always resulted in good and favorable results. They are very useable and positive answers to real problems.

My personality is best described: as get in there get it done, self reliant, self assured, strong willed.

 --J, Age 51, Female, Widow

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