psychic dream

At the time of my dream I was married to a very mentally abusive man. A few times he would be physically abusive. In my dream he came home and shot me with a black handgun. I felt the bullets hit me in my dream but I didn't wake up. Instead, I saw my kids ask, "Dad, what happened?" He said I was just playing dead and those were fake bullets. Then I woke up!

A few nights later, I was watching TV when a lady cop was on talking about getting shot. She described it the very same way it felt in my dream -- like fire going into you.

One year later (without me telling my then husband about the dream) he bought the very same gun that was in my dream! Cold chills ran through my body and it became hard to breathe. Seven months after that, he became very upset with me and pointed the gun to my head. Our daughter stepped between us, and he put the gun down and left for work. I left him that day.

My question is: Can dreams warn you of dangers ahead?

—Anonymous, age 32, divorced, Dawsonville, GA, USA

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