I have had 4 premonitory dreams over the past 3 years which have come true. The first dream I had was about a woman, unknown to me in the dream, who allowed a man into her Florida apartment. I know it’s Florida because I use to live there, and I see palm trees from the windows. It’s as if I am watching a movie. I try to tell her to not let him in, to be careful, but she is oblivious. He starts to hit and beat her, and when he reaches for some kitchen tools, I start to walk out of the apartment in horror, not wanting to see what he is going to do. I scream at him to stop but he is oblivious to my presence. I leave the apartment.

The next dream I have is about a car accident. In the dream my father is driving erratically. I am in the back seat and decide to put my seat belt on. As soon as it is on, he veers into the left lane ditch and the car starts to roll. I feel the up and down motion of the car. When it finally lands, I crawl out the window. I am suddenly in a hospital ICU looking into a room with someone lying in the bed, I don’t know who. I ask my mother who all the people are surrounding the bed, and she says she sees no people. I ask her how can she not see all those people? She replies, “Oh, those are the people watching over us. The spirits are here to help.” The dream ends.

The night before Sept. 11th I suddenly got very ill, throwing up the entire night. Because I was sick, the next morning my husband decided to not go to his job in Washington, D.C. We wake up to the news, and D.C. is evacuated, and he is safe at home.

I then had a final dream about my sister-in-law. In the dream a man is following her. He is a white male with brown hair, unknown to me. He is stalking her. She has the flu and seems very unaware of her surroundings. I try again, as in the first dream, to talk and to warn her, but it is no use; I am merely an observer. As she gets to the door of the apartment he pushes her in, beats and rapes her. I am horrified. Although I don’t see what is happening, I just know it is. I am then in the hospital with my brother and he is crying, and we are telling him how sorry we are this happened to his wife. We are all devastated. I wake up.

Three days after my dream of the car accident my younger sister was in a car accident, in which her car veered into the left lane ditch. The car rolled, she was not wearing her seatbelt, and she was thrown from the vehicle into the right lane of the opposite highway. She lived seven days in the ICU and then passed away from severe injuries. This was in Feb 2001.

A week ago my cousin was killed in her apartment, then set on fire. She was beaten and raped. A white male with brown hair was seen fleeing the scene at the same time the fire alarms were going off. I realized as soon as my mother told me that this is the first dream I described, and the last one, together.

After the first two dreams came true—the car accident and the 9-11 crash—I thought I should say something about the dream of my sister-in-law being killed. I called to ask my brother to tell his wife to be careful, to watch anyone following her. I also warned my sisters and a few cousins, all females who I thought might be affected. I wasn’t able to warn my cousin that was killed.

My concern now is that it seems that I am helpless to prevent these things from happening. This has made me feel afraid and scared of what is to come, and I wonder if there is anything I can do to prevent bad things from happening. Also, it seems I only dream of bad things to come. I am frustrated, and not finding many answers. I do believe in God, and in an afterlife, but I guess I am questioning why I am able to see such horrible events. If you have any ideas I am open to it. The story of my cousin’s death was in the Orlando Sentinel, if you need to confirm its accuracy.

Looking for answers,

—Diana, Age 26, Married, USA

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