in a church

I saw in my dream that I was a person through whom people could experience a new world—not our earth. I couldn’t see or touch this new world, I only felt it through my senses and experience of it. I had a very good feeling.

I was in an empty, dark church or temple. I stood in the upper part of the church. I felt sunshine and light in the part of my body that was in the new world. My arms were open wide. One arm in an old world, and one arm in a new one.

A man was behind me, a religious person, like a priest. He tried to help people by special ritual. People came close to me and touched my arms and fingers in the old world side and they felt new vibrations from the new world—one by one. Without that ritual, people couldn’t experience the new vibration.

The man only let people experience four levels of that transfer—not more. I knew that the transfer had more levels in my dream, but I didn’t know why the man didn’t let people to know more. I could experience all levels in my dreams without any help. Please tell me the meaning of my dream, and of the new world.


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