I want to discuss an idea that I’ve come across and have been playing with over the last while. As you know, dreams occur at many different levels and can be interpreted in many different ways. Some (if not all) are very powereful metaphors (as you mentioned) and therefore we can derive meaning at that level (obtaining answers or insights to life’s challenges, among other things).

But I believe that through practice or the use of various techniques one can reach a causal level in dreaming and actually directly manifest. For example, healing yourself in a dream and waking up healed - rather than just getting a message in the dream that you need to see a doctor to have your appendix checked.

I have had some dreams like this but they are not common and I can not experience them at will. Most of the time they’re lucid but not always, and they’re almost always very vivid. And they don’t seem to always follow a logical thought process.

For example, if one would want to heal oneself you would think that you would go to this causal level and visualize and change your form to look, feel and be without the ailment (in the dreambody) and that this would somehow filter on down to the physical body. But I have found that it doesn’t always work that way and that invariably the desire to heal may create a dream that turns into some type of adventure or drama - seemingly unrelated to the ailment - and that by undergoing the experience, one could indeed affect a healing.

My quest is to try to make the experience more accessible and to allow it to affect other areas of life. (Not that I’m trying to wake up one morning and find a red corvette that I dreamed about parked out front). I do believe one could create opportunites and relationships among other things, and I am not sure if there really is any limit to what can be achieved.

I do not look at this as a replacement to creating things in the waking state, as I’ve already experienced a lot of physical success in my life. Rather, I see it as an adjunct to creating - in a way that is more elegant. As you know, there are a lot of seemingly solutionless problems in the physical world - and possibiy this is a way to affect them.

I would like to hear more details about your work with kundalini in your dreams, what impact and changes it has made on you so far, what have you been able to create with it (if that is one of your goals) and what your ultimate goals are with it. I would be willing to share some of my own successes as well.

-- Daryl

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