guardian angel

Hi Anonymous—

It's little wonder that you are curious about the meaning of this dream, especially since it appears to be divinely inspired. It's not every night we are visited by angels!

The angel's arrival at the beginning of the dream -- ambiguously announcing "It's time" (time to die and go to heaven, or just time for a decision?) -- signals the advent of change. It is significant that you are with your children, and that you remove your rings and press them into their hands. You are about to leave on a journey, but before you can go, there's something you have to leave behind. This "something" is your relationship -- symbolized by the wedding rings -- with your first husband. In real life, leaving this relationship behind no doubt is complicated by the presence of your two children. It is important to note, however, that in the dream both children give you their blessing to take this journey: They accept the rings that you press into their hands.

Up, up, and away you soar, like a bird into the sky. The journey is so long that you need to rest along the way. After a second period of flying, you finally arrive at your destination, and heavenly it is. A house decorated in yellow, orange, and red roses awaits you. Inside the house, you hear the voices of children singing. Outside, strolling in the garden, two girls appear carrying baskets of bread. It is a vision of passion, rebirth, and abundance.

Dreams rarely "tell" us the future, perhaps because the future, genuinely, is ours to create. But they often do tell us what steps we need to take if we wish to arrive at a particular destination in our lives. Three years before you had this dream, you made the decision to extricate yourself from a dangerous and unhealthy relationship. At this point in time, you gave birth to a new identity for yourself: you, apart from your husband. Today's dream suggests that this transition to your new self, symbolized by the three-year-old child whom you carry with you in the dream, is not yet complete. Are you reluctant to leave your husband, i.e., divorce him, out of concern for your children? If so, your dream appears to be encouraging you to recognize that your children will understand, and support, your decision. Perhaps this is the answer which you intuitively know is in this dream.

Before you went to sleep, you asked the divine power for guidance as to what direction your relationship with Henri was going to take. The dream does not answer this question directly, though I am tempted to suggest that he sounds like an island of stability (perhaps made of concrete?) in the midst of deep emotional waters. Your dream, on the other hand, appears to have answered a much more important and central question. "It's time," now, for the second part of your journey. You have the blessings of your children, and Henri will understand. May you continue to be divinely inspired along the way.

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