guardian angel

I was in a room together with my son and daughter and my former in-laws. They were all years younger than their actual age. Suddenly, a male angel dressed in white flew in on a gust of wind, landed in front of me and said, "It's time." My children and I started to cry. I took my rings off my fingers and pressed them into the hands of my son and daughter. The angel then placed a strange brown-haired child (approximately three years old) into my arms, and then the angel, this child and I became airborne. We ascended into the heavens, escorted by flocks of birds.

I asked the angel, "What about Henri?" (a man I am currently in a relationship with). I heard the answer "He will know" come at me from somewhere. After some time, we set down to rest on a concrete slab in the middle of a large body of water. We took flight again after a while, and finally I landed, together with the child, near a beautiful forest, and there was a large house covered in yellow, orange and red roses. The angel was gone! I could hear children singing in this house and two little girls came out of the forest carrying little baskets with pieces of bread. I had reached my destination.

I woke up from the dream crying, and I remember that I felt as if I had to fight my way through thick blankets of fog, back to consciousness, in order to wake up. I got out of bed and sat in the living room and cried for a while, wondering what to make of this. I felt that something powerful had just happened to me. After I went back up to my bedroom, the hairs on my arms and back of my neck stood up, almost as if there was a presence in my room.

Background information: At the time of this dream I had been separated from my husband (an alcoholic and gambler, who almost destroyed our lives) for just over three years, and was in a relationship (and I still am) with a man named "Henri", who is very intelligent, ambitious, kind and sensitive. I know he cares for me very deeply. I know I love him, but feel somewhat insecure in our relationship. When I first went to bed that night, I asked the divine power what direction my relationship with Henri was going to take? I know the answer was in my dream, but I'm not certain how to interpret it.

—Anonymous, age 49, separated, CANADA

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