I would rather believe in the psychological science than in wives’ tales so I’m seeking your interpretation of this dream that I’ve had twice now in the past two weeks:

I’m in a casino with my parents. I’m quite opposed to gambling because I’ve seen it destroy lives so I’m not a gambler normally although I have tried it before.

In my dream, as I would in life, I allocated a small amount of money to lose for entertainment purposes, about $20 dollars.

I try my hand at the slot machines because, as I said, I’m not much of a gambler, and after a few tries, 3 BARS come up and I win a modest amount of approximately $200,000.

I think to myself how wonderful and go off to collect my money. That’s it.

I’ve shared the dream with some friends and they all say that it’s an indication that I will be lucky if I try some form of gambling while the dream is still “hot!” What do you think?

--Max, Age 29, Vancouver, CANADA

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