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Hi Rose -

I am sorry to hear of your friend’s death, and of the other passengers on that flight. It is sad when anybody dies, and especially sad when people die young.

Your dream is extraordinary, and I am sure it has caused you many questions. First, I would like to say that I do not believe that your dream - in any way, shape or form - influenced the events that transpired on the fateful day when your friend died. It is true that you dreamed of his death in advance, but again, this does not mean in any sense that you are responsible for, or could have prevented, the accident or his death.

Science today does not definitively know how pre-knowledge of events occurs. Many people would balk at including a scientific explanation at all in such a discussion, prefering instead to look to spiritual explanations, but I think we can find a happy medium between the two approaches.

As far as the scientific approach is concerned, quantum mechanics (which is the latest knowledge we possess of the laws of physics), has convincingly demonstrated, as Einstein predicted, that time is not linear and constant but rather is flexible and varying. We don’t fully understand it, but the universe on the physical level essentially is more mysterious and full of surprises than we may have guessed yet.

On a spirit level, again it seems our knowledge is young. If you read some of the other dreams included on this website, you will find many convincing accounts of “supernatural” events - the most common of which are precognitive dreams. Most people you ask will be able to relate a precognitive experience in their life. We’re not really sure how or why they happen. Is our spirit communicating with us? Or are we very sensitive beings - more sensitive than we usually give ourselves credit for - who actually are able to pick up on these quirks of time that scientists say indeed do float around us?

Certainly, for yourself, this experience is a bit of an initiation. You have had a bit of your, and the universe’s, extra-sensory ability demonstrated to you. As you said in your dream report, having had this experience has helped you come to grips with your friend’s death. I suspect that this is because your dream has caused you to become assured, in an intuitive way, in life after death. And I think your dream has shown you that there is a great deal in this world that we don’t know yet - that remains to be discovered, both scientifically and spiritually.

Thanks very much for writing.

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