Hi Vince -

It’s an unusual dream, and I’m not sure I really know the answer, but I’ll offer you some thoughts.

The dream occurred twice, each time after watching this woman’s show on television. The show is religious in nature, and I think religion, in all of us, conjures up a host of associations and imaginations. In western cultures especially, most of us are exposed to religions that embrace the concept of good and evil, light and darkness, heaven and hell. There also is a supernatural aspect that is common to all religions. Let’s face it; religions spend a great deal of time discussing events and forces that are not “of this world.” So this leaves us, per force, with the supernatural. Somewhere in this nebulous web, we all are taught that mysterious supernatural forces exist around us. Remember the devil? And who hasn’t watched a scary movie or two to help fuel the imagination?

Your dreams sound vaguely occult - the first one especially begins as if you are about to attend a seance - and both involve someone who has supernatural powers. I think your dreams may reflect some of the thoughts and fears that were aroused by this woman’s show. (When I say fear, recall that many religions make frequent use of fear to keep their “worshipers” believing: fear of hell, fear of damnation, fear of being outcast from heaven, fear of being judged evil or bad by society and the world). Another aspect of this dream that is not so positive for yourself is that this woman in the dream certainly has power over you. She levitates you, spins you around, and hurtles you through space at tremendous speeds. Pretty powerful. Psychologically, I would be on the lookout for the power imbalance represented by the dream. The dream may be showing you that this woman, or the belief system that she represents, has some measure of power over you. The question you want to ask yourself is: why? Why do you choose to give this woman - or the belief system she represents - power over you?

Without dwelling too long on the merits or costs of being involved with various religions, I would suggest that whatever this woman represents it certainly isn’t the most attractive of causes. It is dark, occult, there is black gauze draped around the room. More positive spiritual dreams typically involve light, strong senses of peace and calm, and senses of love and contentment emotionally. In this sense I would advise you to be wary of whatever this woman - or her variant of religion - represents. And I would accordingly take the dream as a caution not to get involved with her or her cause. You might lose your balance!


Dear Dream Doctor-

Thank you for your insight. At the time I experienced those dreams I was some what intrigued by that woman. She had an almost hypnotic tone but seemed a little off her rocker, especially with the teddy bear. I guess the bear was a tool to lure people to her cause by making her seem soft and harmless. I had thought about contacting her back then but decided not to. With your insight I see that not contacting her was a good thing. Who knows - I might have been lured into another type of Heaven’s Gate cult. Now I can quit being mystified by those very vivid images. I will say the floating felt very real and enjoyable until I was spun out of control.

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