open house

Hi Anonymous—

Houses in dreams are highly associated with our selves. Accordingly, your recent dreams, in which you purchase or inhabit a series of new homes, reflects a period of transition. Have you recently entered a new phase in your life? Have you experienced a change in job or social status?

The presence of family and old friends suggests a desire to demonstrate your success to your peers. The attractive man is yet another indicator that you feel your new status in life is “desirable.” What is the meaning? You feel comfortable with your transition, and even more confident in your self!

A recent, unpleasant dream reflects some of the costs of “life in the fast lane” (the expensive condo). Often it’s less attractive than what we hoped for (the condo is poorly constructed), and we have to deal with pushy, money folks to play at that level. Can you identify—in real life—the pushy people represented in your dream?

Transition is upon you, Anonymous. Your dreams reflect a change in status, with perks and obstacles included. We hope you write back soon—to complete the sketch outlined by your dreams.

Hi Dream Doctor—

Your assessment of my dreams is accurate. I was in nursing for 20 years, and because of changes within the industry, decided it was no longer for me. It has been a difficult transition. I tried working with my husband in his insurance agency (a small mom and pop office), but that didn’t work out. We went through great growth and understanding of our relationship, but I also discovered my need for my self worth to be tied to what I do, not who I am.

After that, I stopped and started many things, in my pursuit to discover my passion. My mind frame was “together—yet separate from my husband.” I got my license to sell life and health insurance and investigated companies that would train me in the industry. After interviewing a number of companies and having several false starts, I finally found what I was looking for. In December 2000, I signed on with a wonderful company. Their educational process is incredible, which in turn has given me the spark I needed.

So now I go to classes and work out of my husband’s office, offering a valuable service to my clients. I set my own schedule and appointments. I haven’t made any money yet, but in my heart of hearts, I know somehow it will all fall into place. I provide a wonderful service, and just as I did when nursing, I have to build trust with my clients. All my relationships are “open.” I believe this is why, in my dreams, all events took place outside. All the rooms were without walls. Even in the barn, it was expansive.

As for the control people, two persons come to mind. One person has worked for my husband for about 13 years, and she is not a supporter of me or my efforts. Nevertheless, I am pleasant and go about my business. The other is a friend with whom I recently have broken off all ties. The friendship was emotionally and financially draining. My life has improved as a result, especially with my husband.

Hi Anonymous—

Congratulations on your successful transition. In your heart of hearts, we know you have found a happy home!

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