close friends?

I dream that one of my close friends that recently passed on had come back. She had said that she had to hide and get away for awhile, and see who her “real” friends were. I didn’t want to believe her and kept asking who she was and what she was trying to prove. It was quite upsetting.

We ended up going for a ride, stopped and bought strawberries and kept going. She was quiet, not how she usually is. I asked her to drop me off, she said no. I asked again, please just drop me off. She said, “You have to come with me Jen, you’re not getting out, you have to come with me.” I got scared and opened the door and the car stopped right in front of the place we bought the strawberries.

I went to run in and she hollered, “I wouldn’t go in there if I were you!” I went in to look for my boyfriend and went into the bathroom and it was full of blood! I ran upstairs and found him and told him what happened. He looked out and saw her, grabbed me and said, “That wasn’t her. Don’t look at her.” As we were leaving she waved, and I woke up.

Her name is Chrystal. She passed away June 7, 1999. She was only 22 years old. I grew up with her and have been missing her. I’ve had dreams of her before, but never this freaky.

—Jen, 23, Married Common-Law, Kitwanga, British Columbia, CANADA

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