my spiritual dreams

I have always had very spiritual dreams. When my Grandfather passed away he came to me to say good-by. My father was in the hospital. I dreamed that I was with him in a lighted hall with 7 doors. The last one I opened was like a vacuum and once I put my foot in front of it, it was full of light I looked into the light seeing then some of my relatives. All of a sudden I wanted to be with them. I looked down at my father, he was as a child I said (mentally) that they could not take you unless I was able to go to. I then saw my life pass me like a split second.. well to make this short. I awoke and told my husband the dream... little did I know but at that same time my father's heart had stopped beating. The doctors brought him back but the weird thing was that it was happening at the same time as my dream.

Last year I dreamed of Christ. He showed me a little boy that I was supposed to have. I saw him. I told my husband about this one. 4 months later I was expecting. Today I have a 5 month old little boy. I have tons of these dreams, some scary others overwhelming. I just thought that I would share a couple. I really never talk about them. I'm afraid that people would think I am weird...



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