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About a month ago I had this dream about a male friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for years, but still felt a very close bond with. The dream started with me having this huge party which I wasn’t aware of the event for doing so. All of my friends where there, including my male friend who I was delighted to see after such a long time. Near the end of the party I felt a deep sadness, and I knew that he was going, for a long time, maybe forever. He was leaving by car, but I knew that this was the last time I was ever going to see him. I kissed him goodbye on the cheek, and felt a huge weight in my heart.

The next day I was informed that this friend had only last night flown to another country, half way around the world, and that he would return home in a month. This surprised me because I had never dreamed about him before and now on the night of his departure I had this dream of him saying goodbye to me. The most frightening part is that on his return flight back into the country, the aeroplane that he was traveling in had engine failure and all 265 passengers on board died.

This dream has helped me come to grips with his death, and I hope that you will be able to give me some guidence into what exactly my dream had to do with this terrible event.

--Rose, Age 18, Murtoa, AUSTRALIA

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