a visit in a bar

One of the most lucid dreams I ever had was years ago and still I remember it clearly. It was in the middle of the afternoon when I decided to take a nap and was resting on my stomach across the top of the bed.

While asleep my husband left the house and I wasn’t aware of it. I had a very clear, detailed dream and could feel everything (emotionally) the same as when awake. I dreamed my husband was in a tavern and the entire place was empty except for a woman with very long hair sitting at the very end of a long row of bar stools. My husband was having a conversation with her for a long time. I even saw him excuse himself to go to the men’s room!

Then the dream changed and I was dreaming he came home and lied to me about where he was. Still dreaming, I asked “Where were you?” He answered that he was visiting a friend. I said “Oh no, that isn’t true....you were at the Crystal Tap and you were talking to a woman with very long black hair!"

Obviously shocked, he asked “How did you know? Were you there?” I said “No, I dreamed it,” and casually walked away. At that point I was angry that he lied and woke up. Immediately upon waking, I heard him coming in the house and got up to greet him. I knew exactly what to say because of the dream and the dialog between us was exactly the same... even the same tones of voice, body language, same everything. I knew everything ahead of time as if we rehearsed it.

When my husband realized I dreamed exactly where he was and what he was doing and had not been out of the house, he turned white as a sheet and was at a loss for words. The strangest part of this experience was that it was unusual for him to go to a bar and he wasn’t much of a drinker at all...so that would have been the last place I’d ever expect him to be when I was awake. There was no way I had such concerns in mind while falling asleep.

-- Jade

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