wake and return to sleep

Hi Kim -

Inducing a lucid dream is indeed frustrating - they simply don’t seem to arrive on call. But take a look at the next dream in this section for a tip on inducing dreams that you haven’t yet tried, and which actually is simpler and less expensive; drinking a tall glass of water at 4 a.m!

Another suggestion I would make is that, if you are pursuing a “wake and return to sleep” strategy, which I also find effective, then I would try awakening a bit later than three a.m. Go as late as an hour or two before your normal wake up time, read only for five or ten minutes, and hopefully your reading relates to lucid dreaming, so that it puts your mind thinking about it.

As a rule, the most effective technique I have ever used for lucid dreaming is to keep a dream diary at bedside. When I wake up I record my dreams, then I roll over and fall back asleep thinking about them. It focuses my attention on my dreams, which greatly enhances my prospects of noticing the dreamscape the next time it rolls around.

Thanks for sharing and Good Luck!

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