Hi Vel—

I think your signature holds the clue we need to understand your dreams. For whatever reason, it is apparent that you have begun to associate your old friend, who is divorced and never had children, with fears of losing your own family. This is why your dream shows you becoming "stuck" in her town -- away from your husband and children.

It is true that your lives have proceeded in different directions since those long summer rides on a Greyhound bus to visit each other as teenagers. Today, your family life is blessed with abundance; at the young age of 38, you already are a grandmother. Your friend's family life, after a failed marriage, has remained absent.

If your friend was negative toward your husband or family, I would understand your desire to distance yourself from her. If she hasn't given you any reason to feel threatened, though, I would encourage you to re-examine these fears. Instead of worrying that your dream may be precognitive, that you might really become "stuck" were you to visit her, perhaps a simpler explanation is in order. Is it unsettling to imagine yourself in your friend's position?

The holiday season is upon us. It is a time for sharing and generosity with those less fortunate, and for extending our families to friends and neighbors. In the spirit of the holidays, have you considered inviting your old friend to visit? I'm sure she would love the opportunity to catch up, to pitch in with the cooking, and to create new memories.

What's the message of this dream? It's time to put aside your fears, pick up your phone, and open your door to an old friend.

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