nude and lewd

I was very interested in the letters in your “lucid dreams” category, because I am able to lucid dream when I choose to, although my husband refuses to believe this is possible. The two ways that I lucid dream are as follows.

1.) When I am threatened or frightened in a dream and I feel like I will not survive, I tell myself, in the dream, that I must wake up. I physically shake my head and it wakes me up.

2.) I used to dream that I was walking naked down the street and it was so embarrassing. Upon waking, I decided that if I dreamed that again, I would know it was a dream and enjoy the ability to walk down the street nude and shock people and there would be no repercussions as in real life. When I dreamed it again, it worked! I flaunted my body and enjoyed the lewdness of it.

Please confirm that this kind of dream control is possible. Can you explain how I am able to do this?

-Sue, Age 47, Married, Female, Florence, AZ, USA

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