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How nice to have a site devoted to lucid dreaming. It's not often I get to speak about it because most people say, "you do what?" Most of the dreams I remember are from lucid dreaming and, as far back as I can remember, I have always lucid dreamed. For years, I simply assumed that's what people meant 'dreaming' was! However, I did have an interesting one about two weeks ago. I dreamed I was reading a book. I know it doesn't sound astounding but it felt astounding. I realized I had the book very close to my face so that all I could see was the page and I was 'reading' the page, word for word. In my dream, I could see each word and sentence and I simply read along like I would in an awake state. In what seemed a moment or two, I realized I wasn't the author of the book and that seemed rather odd. I remember thinking, "This is my dream. Therefore, this is my book. But I don't think I wrote this book. How odd!"

So, I continued to read with fascination. It was a racey, rather 'trashy' novel (for lack of better words) which I generally would not likely have bought, but I wanted to read this 'unknown' author. (Ah, is there some hidden part of my sexuality wanting to talk to me? Good!) The feeling about the dream was very precise, very clear, quite impressing and it's the feeling that made the dream so vivid for me. When I awoke I had a tremendously exciting and yet satisfying feeling that I had accomplished something.

Thanks for the opportunity to share this dream. Gee, if people keep doing this you will become the repository of their dream journal!

All the best to you,


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