emotional trauma

Hi! I'm writing you about a recurring dream I once had as a child. I haven’t had it in quite some time now but I’ve always wondered what it meant. I really believe that it did mean something because it was always the same. As a child, it was a nightmare for me.

This is the dream:

My mother, sister, and I are driving home in the car from mom’s good friend’s house (about an hour away from my house). As we are driving, we pass a service station, and then a bridge. My sister and I see a cave beside the highway. Mom does not want to stop and go in but we do. We drive the car into the cave. But, as soon as the car enters the cave it turns into a bed and my mother is laying in it, and it seems she’s sick. Although it was only a dream I could still feel the sense of dread. The cave is dark. My sister and I then turn into hard gray statues that stand by the bed but we’re not the statues. This is confusing. We turned into the statues but we are still there as ourselves. It is at this point that I always woke up. I know my father was also in the dream but I don’t remember exactly what. I remember he is only in it for a second when we are in the cave and then he leaves.

Hopefully, I haven’t confused you and you can help me out some. I’d really like to know what this dream means.

Please reply soon! Thanks for your time!


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